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Where To Find An Experienced Psychotherapist Near Me?

If you’re looking for an experienced psychotherapist near you in Farnham, Surrey, Clare Pointon Therapy can help people suffering from all sorts of problems.

People seek psychotherapy for all sorts of reasons. Some people are struggling to move forward in life, others have suffered a trauma or distressing event like a divorce or a loss in the family, while some people want to learn practical strategies for dealing with depression and anxiety. Others simply want to reflect more deeply on their life and use therapy for personal development.

Whatever your reasons for seeking counselling in Surrey, Clare Pointon Therapy offers a range of approaches to help you move forward in life and bring about positive change. Since she’s based in Farnham, she’s also ideal for anybody in nearby Hampshire and Berkshire.

Choosing a psychotherapist can be tricky because finding the right person makes a big difference. You need to feel comfortable with somebody before beginning therapy.

Educated at Oxford University and a highly experienced Mental Health First Aid Instructor, Clare Pointon works with adults and young adults in a warm and supportive environment. She wants to provide a space where you feel heard and understood.

If you’re looking for an experienced psychotherapist in Farnham, why not read more about our clinic today?

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