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Therapy For Anxiety


Although most people have anxiety at point, for example when facing a stressful situation like a job interview, other people find they experience it more often and it affects their everyday life. 

Anxiety is linked to our primal ‘fight or flight’ response, also known as hyperarousal. Thousands of years ago it would alert us to when we’re in great danger; however, today, we often feel it in situations where such feelings of fear are out of proportion.

Our therapy in Farnham can help explore the source of the anxiety, as well as offering practical coping strategies to improve your well-being.

Although it might seem difficult, there are many highly effective ways to reduce the feelings of anxiety. Psychological therapies like CBT have been proven to be extremely helpful, and changes to a person’s diet can also make a difference, such as cutting down on alcohol and caffeine.

It is important to realise the root causes of therapy don’t come out of nowhere and therefore don’t disappear on their own. Our therapist in Farnham can help you explore the thoughts that are driving your anxiety and provide counselling tailored to your unique requirements.

One of the reasons anxiety is so unpleasant is because it produces a variety of physical symptoms, which can include sweaty palms, a dry throat, racing heart and feeling of being faint. None of these symptoms can actually hurt us, but they make us feel like we’re in real danger.

Our counsellor can help you learn techniques to reduce such symptoms and help you reclaim your life.

If you’re looking for therapy for anxiety and are based near Farnham, please get in touch today.

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