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Do You Need Therapy For Family Issues?

The way we are brought up has a massive impact on our life, no matter who we are. We are all shaped by our original families and when these relationships were difficult, it can lead to problems in later life. This is particularly true if you grew up in an abusive or unhealthy environment.

If you’re looking to confront any past family issues, Clare Pointon Therapy would love to provide the support you need. She can provide counselling that helps people gain the insight and clarity they need to move forward in life.

Counselling can be highly effective for family problems since it involves talking to somebody not involved in your past. Many people find they need somebody who isn’t directly involved in their life and problems to help them see things objectively.

Meeting with you in a safe and confidential setting, Clare can help you explore your past and how it might be affecting your present. 

What kind of family issues is our therapy suitable for?

Clare Pointon works with adults and young adults, including people going through a separation or divorce. This can be a way to not only explore emotional issues but the practical implications of a divorce. Since her clinic is based in Farnham, Surrey, she is ideal for those in the local area.

For more information on our therapy for family issues, simply get in touch today.

07873 130727 or email

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